New feature: Status in one eye blink.


Knowing where we are stand in a project is very important, because it tells us where we came from and where we go.

Therefore, we are happy to announce the “milestones” page redesign which transforms into the “status” page.

This change is based mainly on the principle that your project status must be instantaneous, and not take much time to find, and comprehend it, showing then in an eye blink.

So, with this new design, you will be able to see in one page the progress of each milestones based on how many tasks you closed and how many are still open.

Another extras are:

  • Capability to officially close the milestone, giving a sense of achievement, and progress in the project.
  • Display the description of the milestone, by clicking the blue “i” icon.
  • Display if we have exceeded the deadline, if so, this date is placed in red.

We really hope you like it, and find it useful.

Expect our next status feature , shortly.

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