New Feature: Notifications


With Jameen you can do multiple actions, create tasks, add people to a project or task, generate ideas, give feedback of that ideas, etc. But many actions, multiplied by the number of users can get monitoring out of our hands.

So, we implemented a simple news feed that tells you, in descending order by date, the different actions of your teammates. This feature is not just informative because, this takes you directly to the specific action when you click to any of the different notification icons.

The icon depends on the action: smiley face for people stuff, pencil for tasks, a paper plane for ideas related actions, and the folder icon for files. We think this simbology is useful specially because you can visually discriminate the action you want to see, for example if you’re more interested in tasks, then only click the notifications with the pencil icon to get there.

These notifications are turning gray after clicked, which allows you to know what you read and what not.

We believe that this functionality can generate benefits on teams, because it helps to see in one place, the general activities of all projects in which you participate and which is already done. For example, there are times that teams have to meet weekly to discuss what was done, rather, to speak of the following activities or to plan future actions.

If you as a team member receive notifications of what’s going on, you could find a general (or particular)  view of the people actions and so reserve the time of the meetings for planning or celebrate =)

We hope this feature will be useful for your projects!

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