Focus on what matters


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Jameen  is a project booster software that lets you focus on what matters”.

We discovered this nice calligraphy illustration of Molly Jacques which we found familiar with our app description.

Therefore, we decided to explain why Jameen  lets focus on what really matters:

In many companies and work teams, the management seems to be more important than the idea development, spending hundreds of hours in tracking meetings, chasing team mates for deliverables and status, or looking for files or e-mails at the ocean of inboxes and computers, etc.

This represents a big loss of valuable time and effort.

With Jameen, we want to make project management so transparent and automatic, that team members could focus on creating ideas, tasks and goals with constantly team collaboration and feedback. In short, materialize the idea in the best way possible.

All this, in one place with the whole team involved, always.

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