Love (and learn) at first sight with cool Infographics


Infographic via

Information design, data visualization, and of course infographics are trendy buzzwords around the web and we can find so many examples.  

Infographics are: “Visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly”, as wikipedia definition says.

We personally love infographics, and information design. We believe in this kind of material as something that will change the way of spreading information in the world. But this has to be designed in order to communicate the core message in the most effective way and not just for design something nice or beautiful.  

These materials seek to present complex information, but the output should be the opposite, should be simple, understandable and appealing. Complex inputs, Simple outputs.

This example is one of the first infographics that captivated us.  Years later, we found out that Nigel Holmes was involved in this design.

We think it’s great because:

  1. It’s Interesting: uses a cool metaphor to capture attention. We’re not talking about appliances that consumes energy when are off. We’re talking about appliances that suck energy, and money like vampires, when are off! (funny stuff).

  2. Rescues basic design principles as the unit:  we have all the elements, inside the vampires cape!. This design principle gives consistency to the main message, however nowadays, many infographics fail in this basic principle, falling on a compilation of random graphics and snippets. 

  3. Less words, more figures: Its not the same put only words instead of pictures or icons with which the association is greater, if you do not believe me, look at the work of Otto Neurath.

  4. It’s beautiful, but that is not its principal purpose. Nowadays there are so many infographics that seek to be only artworks, but are very difficult to understand, there are even some visualizations in which you need to zoom a lot to view isolated elements but not the big picture.

This vampire energy chart is a good example of how data is transformed into learning through the power of  good design.

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