Collective success

Yes, maybe we’ve heard that the basic elements of success are vision, passion for what you do, as well as other aspects such as skills, which in my opinion come naturally because most of the times, If you love something, you end up developing some skills related.

However, most of the time we’ve seen this formula individually, and its fine, but why not explore it in a collective way?

Let’s do the following exercise:

  1. Think of a vision or dream you have. “I want to open a restaurant, with very tasty food, and extraordinary ambience”

  2. Often (not always) your hobbies and passions are related to that vision, so, think in the skills that you developed with these activities, and think how can help you to achieve that goal. “I love to cook, and I think I have developed some skills at kitchen”

  3. Think of people that you like, and with who you could share the number 1, but not the number 2.. “I have a good friend who enjoys to visit restaurants, she’s an interior design expert, and music lover that dreams with own a restaurant”

  4. Discuss with he/she about the number 1 and how your skills and knowledge acquired by your hobbies, but especially the mixture of these, can take you to achieve what you want.

The result could be the beginning of a successful project or business, with three special features:

  • Teams, not individuals, with a high degree of motivation and passion doing what they most enjoy.
  • Teams with certain skills and willing to further develop knowledge (and enjoy it)
  • Innovation and creativity, due to the multidisciplinary focus, taking the project to the next level of differentiation.

So, yes, we have to take seriously our dreams, and our hobbies, but we also should look at our friends visions, passions and skills. Surely, something great can come of it.

The benefits: do what you like to achieve what you want, with people you like, there’s no better payment, but this doesn’t mean it will not be economically redituable.

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