Asynchronous communication explosion.

I know that when you are in a project with people, there are times when the team needs to meet, but, I think the team should always try not to do it.

As Paul Graham says in his essay Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule for the people that make things, meetings are a very bad thing. One meeting can break the day in two pieces that are too small, to do something valuable or that can be a challenge.

This is hard for me because I usually work on projects where all the people involved are makers. So every meeting can result in work not done, in almost half of the day.

I think that one way to reduce the number of meetings in a team, is to use tools like Jameen, that can help you to embrace the asynchronous communication in the team.

Work asynchronously can help you to:

  • Focus on make things, without loosing the inspiration.
  • Work with people in different places, and even in different time zones.
  • Log the conversations, and talk with results and not just words.
  • Know what is happening at the moment that is happening and not one week later in the weekly meeting.

These are just some benefits, but there are much more…

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